Dairy Goat Society of Australia Tasmanian Branch

Frequently Asked Questions About Dairy Goats.


How much milk will a Dairy Goat produce daily?


Two to two & a half litres is considered fair, three to four litres, good and five litres and more is excellent. Some does produce more than this when they are freshly kidded but you should look for a doe from a line of goats that milk an average of three and a half to four litres over a long period.


How many goats do I need for a regular milk supply?


It is preferable to have at least two goats so that they can be kidded at different times and each doe is then able to be rested prior to kidding. Also as goats are a herd animal they need the company.


Is Goat Milk as good as cow milk?


The milk from a goat is equally as good and superior in some ways particularly for infants and the elderly. The fat globules are much smaller than those in cow’s milk and are more readily digested. Goat’s milk does not have a cream line like cow’s milk as it is naturally homogenised.


How many breeds of Dairy Goat are there?


There are 6 breeds of dairy goat, the Saanen-all white, Toggenburg- Brown with white markings, British Alpine – Black with white markings and the Anglo Nubian- various colours with pendulous ears, Australian Melaan - all black , Australian Brown, -  all brown .


Which is the best breed for milking?


A good strain of any of the pure breeds. It is important to buy a registered goat as these have been bred for production and the lines can be traced.


Who do I contact about buying a dairy goat?


Contact the secretary of your state branch of The Dairy Goat Society of Australia LTD for information on breeders with stock available for sale by phoning ………………..


Where can I get more information on Dairy Goats?


Local libraries & bookshops would carry some information books but the best avenue to information would be your local branch of The Dairy Goat Society of Australia LTD who have inexpensive booklets available on most aspects of Goat Keeping.


What is a registered Dairy Goat?


A registered goat is one registered in the herd book of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia Ltd. This signifies the purity of the animals breeding. A registered animal will either carry a registered tattoo mark in its ears .