Dairy Goat Society of Australia Tasmanian Branch

DGSA Membership Information




Intending members should communicate with the Federal Secretary, 46 Cullinan Rd BATESFORD VIC 3213 soon after purchasing registered dairy goats or before the first kids of their own breeding are born. Undue delay may render such kids as ineligible for registration.


It is the responsibility of purchasers of registered stock to check their tattoo marks and, if micro chipped, their microchip identification number (EID) when taking delivery. This is essential, as the tattoo/EID are the only means of identification. Any fault or discrepancy should be immediately reported to the Federal Secretary. If necessary, the ears should be cleaned with soap and warm water or with methylated spirits.


MEMBERSHIP: The membership fee (PLUS initial Stud Prefix Fee, if applicable) is payable by 1st January each year. New members accepted after 30th September and before 31st December shall have such period included as portion of the following year.


Applications for Membership MUST be made on the prescribed form, which may be obtained from the Branch, Federal Secretary, or online through respective Branch/Federal websites. The completed application, when accompanied by the appropriate fees, will then be forwarded by the Federal Secretary to the respective Branch for approval.


JUNIOR: Junior Membership is available to persons under the age of 18 years, or full-time students (provided proof accompanies the application). Junior members are NOT permitted to vote at a meeting or to hold any office.


STUD PREFIX: If a member wishes to register stock he/she must first register a Stud Prefix (Name of Stud) for his/her exclusive use in connection with the naming/registering of animals bred by the member. When applying for a Prefix, please submit three (3) different names in order of preference. The Prefix may have already been allocated thus the need for the three choices. A member is not permitted to use a Prefix registered in the name of another member. The Stud Prefix and name must not be more than 25 characters in length


TATTOO BRAND: In addition to the Stud Prefix, a member wishing to register stock is also required to register a Tattoo Brand (no fee) and each animal bred by him/her must be marked with this brand together with a unique number for identification. The Tattoo Brand consists of usually two or three letters (perhaps a combination of the member’s initials, and may include numerals). Applicants must provide three tattoo choices in order of preference as the tattoo may have already been allocated.


TATTOO OUTFITS: Most rural merchandisers stock or can order in tattoo outfits and paste/ink. Outfits are expensive. Most members can get by with one set of numerals - they then have to omit the double numerals i.e. 11, 22, 33.


HERD BOOK: A copy of the Society’s Herd Book is mailed to financial members each year. The Herd Book contains all animals registered in the preceding twelve months (July 1st – June 30th). Of note, it also contains a full list of members, judges, milk awards, and Society Regulations. It includes information relating to breed standards, registration requirements, transfers, certificates of service, deaths and culls, milk testing etc. New members are strongly advised to spend time becoming familiar with the Society’s Regulations.


THE AUSTRALIAN GOAT WORLD: Is the official journal of the Society and is published six times annually. This is included in the membership Subscription. Non members may subscribe to the AGW.


All applications for registration or any matter involving payment MUST be accompanied by the appropriate fee.


Dairy Goat Society of Australia Ltd, 46 Cullinan Rd BATESFORD VIC 3213

Phone: (03) 52761188 Email: anita@dairygoats.com.au